Put That in Your Pipeline!

It's one of the biggest environmental battles ongoing at this time, and a battle that, if lost, will devastate salmon habitat on a scale that will be monumental and permanant. 

The proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline would span 1,177 km from Alberta to Kitimat and transport about 79 million barrels of oil daily. It would transport that oil across the headwaters of the Fraser River - the largest salmon producing watershed in the world. Researchers have found that 670 km of the B.C. portion of the pipeline crosses 591 water crossings, 532 of which bear fish.

Should the pipeline proceed, everything along its route would be in danger. The oppostion to this threat has been across the board, with First Nations taking a united stand that has culminated in the Save the Fraser Declaration and a journey across Canada on the "Freedom Train" to join in solidarity for the protection of the waters which are home to the salmon and all that are connected.

no pipelines

(Unis'tot'en Action Camp, Wet'suwet'en territory.)

It is a risk that cannot be allowed. Government and lobbyists are doing everything in their power to force this project through, compromising everything in its path and shirking responsibility for the devastation it is having and will continue to have

This project puts life at risk  on the basis of demand for jobs and a collapsing economy, failing to take into account that both are null and void in the face of the all that keeps us alive being destroyed.

ruptured pipelineburst pipeline two

(Ruptured Enbridge Pipeline Section from Kalamazoo Spill, Courtesy of National Transportation Safety Board)

Enbridge Inc. chief executive Pat Daniel has said “I don’t think the intended changes will have much effect on Gateway because it’s a process already underway,”  Government is attempting to fast track the project in spite of mass opposition from First Nations, NGO's and studies that show the extent of devastation that would hit when the pipelines spill. While Enbridge lobbyists and the Stephen Harper government try to assert that a spill is unlikely, they follow by implying that in the event of a spill, jobs would be created for cleaning it up. No concern for the destruction of habitat, just jobs which are overstated according to a study by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

enbridgemichigan kalamazoo spill

(Kalamazoo River in Michigan after Enbridge spill.)

The oil pipeline is the dirty link between Canada's (arguably the world's) largest and most environmentally damaging project; the Alberta tar sands. As the salmon are intricately connected to the rivers and ocean, so the pipeline connects the disaster of the tar sands to the rivers and oceans.


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In a world that is addicted to oil and a government that seeks to capitolize on that addiction, this battle is one that will span the globe as the human population will have to decide if it will stand by while this global addiction poisons and destroys wild salmon and everything they are connected to.

this is fucking terroism

The Unis'tot'en in Wet'suwet'en Territory are standing their ground against the terrorist actions of Enbridge and those who endorse the pipeline and asserting their Aboriginal right to excercise free prior and informed consent protocol. At their third Unistoten Action camp each person was met with this sign;

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Those approaching the territory would have to wait there until members of Unis'tot'en/Wet'suwet'en arrived to question the identity and intentions of those wishing to enter their territory, as well as what they would bring to the protection of the lands that are under threat.

When workers came around in the morning they were turned back after they attempted to cross the bridge. Hereditary chief Toghestiy approached them along with Unis'tot'en spokesperson Freda Huson, Mel Bazil  of the Gitimt’en Clan and others. After discussion that followed the protocol, the workers were sent away.

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Such is the right of all Indigenous communities to excercise the right to turn away those who seek to harm the land, water and way of life that has been passed onto them from their ancestors.

Consider joining the various efforts to stop the oil pipelines:

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Facebook groups:

The People Vs Enbridge line 9


Beginning in the pit of despair, the black hole of environmental terrorism, the "Mordor" of all Mordors, the Alberta tar sands is ground zero for the chemically comprised and start-to-finish toxic bitumen oil which is then forced through pipelines and loaded onto oil tankers. 

Traveling through waters that can be treacherous, the transport of oil through marine waters is a disaster in the making. 

Enbridge is under intense scrutiny leaving deceptive maps such as this one fooling no one;

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As opposition grows along with the threat there remains a need for people to paticipate in ensuring that the threat of 

Join Tanker Free BC to help put a stop to oil tanker transport of insanity.

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