Never Mined the Gold, Protect the Salmon!

As of January 2011 there are 99 mines operating throughout B.C., with 36 mines in the making and 3 seeking to expand. If you are a CEO of a mining company, a mining engineer, an investor,  the Minister of Mines, Premier Christy Clark or Stephen Harper, that is all good news. If you are a salmon, a bear, or someone living where they be wanting to mine for gold, copper, coal and gravel, this is all very bad news.

Earthworks and Mining Watch Canada identified in an investigation that "Each year, mining companies dump more than 180 million tonnes of hazardous mine waste into rivers, lakes and oceans worldwide, threatening vital bodies of water with toxic heavy metals and other chemicals poisonous to humans and wildlife."

Imagine having that dumped into your home as the salmon have it dumped into their home. 

strip mining effluence in Ohio RiverAvantiMine2 in Kitasault

In a letter to British Columbia Premier Christy Clark in November of 2011 , 36 scientists asked for her to balance impending industrial development in northwest B.C. with the outstanding fish, wildlife and ecological values of this largely pristine region. Of particular concern are the impacts to clean water and salmon runs in B.C. and southeast Alaska. (Read letter here.)

Instead of responding to the serious concerns raised on behalf of the salmon, Premier Christy Clark has been globetrotting to gain investors for such devastating projects, looking to send the message that "B.C. is open for business."

In the Taku watershed, the B.C. government has failed to stop 50 years of acid mine drainage from the idle Tulsequah Chief Mine into the Taku, southeast Alaska’s most productive salmon river. Such is the legacy left behind from these mining projects.

At the forefront of these battles is the Tsilhqot'in fight to save Fish Lake/Textan Biny from the proposed "Prosperity Mine", a project which would be the largest gold and copper mine in B.C., and a project which would leave a legacy of destruction.


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