Threats to Wild Salmon

The threats to wild salmon are many. Some are on a scale that may seem unstoppable (such as the tar sands), and others are small repetitive daily actions of humans that add up to a continuous impact to salmon habitat. There are many conscientious decisions we can make each day to decrease our individual impact on salmon, such as not pouring toxic chemicals, medications, coffee and unnatural items down the drain or anywhere near water systems. Large industrial impacts such as salmon farming, mining, logging, hydro power projects, big developments, and hatcheries are a more challenging threat to address, but as these threats are still tied to human activities the responsibility still falls upon the human population to take measures to put a stop to these threats.

As noted in the book Salmon 2100: the Future of Wild Pacific Salmon;

salmon 2100 2

Unless we act collectively to protect wild salmon now, they may not survive into the future.

We must adopt a standard that does not allow wild salmon to be compromised.

No Compromise in the Defense of Wild Salmon!

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