Boycott Boycott Boycott

Industries depend on consumers buying their product and cannot continue to manufacture something if no one will buy it!

Boycotting farmed salmon is one such step that should be easy enough. Not only are salmon farms deadly to wild salmon, but they are toxic for human consumption! Don’t buy it, don’t eat it, and encourage others to follow in your decision to put wild salmon first!


At the Supermarket:

Take it one step further & let store managers know in person that you and others intend to boycott stores that support a product that is killing wild salmon stocks. Ask for their business card and send them the reasons why via email or written letter.

Dining Out?

If salmon is on the menu, be sure to ask if it’s wild or farmed. When they say it’s “fresh Atlantic salmon” get up to leave and tell them you cannot support restaurants that sell food that is toxic, full of chemicals, and killing wild salmon.

(* If it isn’t listed as wild it is almost ALWAYS farmed!*)