"March for Wild Salmon" - March 1, 2013, Oslo, Norway



9:30am: Canadian Embassy, Oslo, 

Street Address: Wergelandsveien 7 (4th floor)

Canadian Embassy Oslo mapcanadian embassy image oslo


10:00am: Walk to the Royal Palace for 10:30am

Address: Drammensveien 1, N-0010, Oslo, Norway

Oslo royal palace


11:00am: 20 min. walk from the Royal Palace to the Norwegian Parliament building.

Address: Stortinget , Karl Johans gate 22, N-0026

Norway parliament


12:00pm: Walk 15 min. to Cermaq headquarters

Address: Grev Wedels plass 5, N-0102 OSLO

cermaq map from parliament


People of Interest to address and deliver message to:

Delegates for Canada at Canadian Embassy


Canada is doing business with the Norwegian industry of salmon farming at the peril of wild salmon. It is not in the interest of Canada to lose wild salmon to an unnatural industry that will never be sustainable.


King of Norway- King Harald V


King Harald V holds a position that should not allow dishonor and disgrace to fall upon the Kingdom of Norway. Allowing Norway’s salmon farming industry to operate and do damage in other countries without even acknowledging the losses of wild salmon and healthy marine environments reflects upon the King of Norway poorly and leaves a black mark on his reign.


Members of Parliament who came to B.C.:

- His Excellency Dag Terje Andersen (Labour Party)

- President of the Parliament of the Kingdom of Norway (Stortinget)

- Mr. Per Sandberg (Progress Party)

- Deputy Parliamentary Leader, Chairman of the Standing Committee on Justice

- Ms. Borghild Tenden (Liberal Party)

- Deputy Parliamentary Leader,

- Member of the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affair

- Ms. Siri A. Meling (Conservative Party)

- First Vice Chair of the Standing Committee on Energy and the Environment

- Ms. Anne Tingelstad Wøien (Centre Party)

- Deputy Parliamentary Leader

- Member of the Standing Committee on Education, Research and Church Affairs, and Member of the Credentials Committee

- Ms. Ingalill Olsen (Labour Party)

- Second Vice Chair of the Standing Committee on Local Government and Public Administration

- Mr. Geir Jørgen Bekkevold (Christian Democratic Party)

- Member of the Standing Committee on Local Government and Public Administration

- Ms. Marianne Balto, Member of the Saami Parliament Member of the Parliament Council



One year ago in March of 2012 a delegation of Norwegian parliament members came to B.C. They were intercepted by numerous people of B.C who are concerned about the impacts of Norway’s salmon farming industry on the wild salmon. It was revealed that the members did not even know that the farms were on the migration route of the Fraser River Sockeye salmon, one of the world’s largest wild salmon runs which has been declining since the placement of salmon farms on the migratory routes of wild salmon.


As members of parliament they have the power to influence the practice of salmon farming in Canada and elsewhere. Given that they act as though they are unaware of the real environmental impacts industrial salmon farming is having in other countries, the very least they can do is understand and acknowledge the wild salmon, other species and human lives that are impacted by the Norwegian owned industry.




Cermaq has been operating and polluting the waters of B.C. as Mainstream Canada. They have a history of their farmed Atlantic salmon escaping into the waters of B.C.’s wild pacific salmon, of disease outbreaks in their farms, and are currently expanding into a UNESCO Biosphere, and area of sensitive habitat.  They have abused the Canadian courts through issuing a SLAPP suit against an individual opposing the Norwegian salmon farming industry. They are guilty of contributing to the demise of wild salmon stocks in foreign waters and need to stop profiting at the expense of B.C.’s wild salmon and marine environment. It is shameful behaviour to go into another country and destroy what is not theirs to destroy.


Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for more info.





Scotland & Ireland Tour - November 2012

Flying the Flag for Wild Salmon in Scotland & Ireland!

Full flag with gaaia stickers

November Tour Itinerary Unveiled 
From November 2nd to 30th, Don Staniford of GAAIA and Elena Edwards of Wild Salmon First will be touring salmon farms in Scotland and Ireland.   The itinerary includes a public hearing on the Isle of Mull (5th) as well as public meetings in Ullapool (12th), Harris (15th) and Bantry Bay (23rd).  Protests are planned in Edinburgh (21st) and Dublin (29th) - see below for the itinerary in full.

Read GAAIA's Press Release here.

Communities opposed to salmon farms will be asked to sign a ‘Declaration for Wild Salmon’ and a ‘Stop Norwegian Fish Farms Killing Wild Salmon’ flag which will be delivered next year to Norway.   Over 70% of salmon farming production in both Ireland and Scotland are controlled by Norwegian multinationals led by the world’s #1 salmon farming company Marine Harvest.

Mission group with flag scroll signdel takaiya fish farms outmel signing flagCheam Chinese delegation with flag

3 pack killing the coast disease sea lice
Don Staniford of the Global Alliance Against Industrial Aquaculture (GAAIA) said: "Communities around the world are rising up against disease-ridden salmon farms.  Salmon cages are spreading like a malignant cancer on our coasts.  Put simply, there is no right way to do the wrong thing.  The only way to save wild fish is to stop salmon farming and that means ripping out the cages choking the coasts of Scotland and Ireland.  Say no way to Norway using Scottish and Irish waters as a toxic toilet!"    

Don Norway

Elena Edwards, a campaigner for Wild Salmon First visiting from Canada, said: "May the global voices for wild salmon unite to deliver the message to Norway that Norwegian salmon farms are not welcome and must go!" 

Elena with flag and sign

"The flag and declaration will be travelling to Scotland and Ireland to support efforts to stop Norwegian owned salmon farms from killing wild salmon," continued Edwards.  "The more names on the flag the stronger the message which will be brought to Norway next year.  Your voice matters!"

Norway Go Home Take Diseased Salmon With You

Itinerary for November:
Scotland (2-21 November)
2nd & 3rd: Isle of Arran
4th: Oban
5th: Isle of Mull
6th: Firth of Lorne
7th: Loch Sunart & Loch Linnhe
8th & 9th: Isle of Skye & Loch Alsh
10th & 11th: Wester Ross
12th: Ullapool
13th: Loch Roag & Lewis
14th, 15th & 16th: Harris
17 & 18th: Loch Duart & Sutherland
19th: Perth
20th & 21st: Edinburgh
Ireland (22-30 November)   
22nd: Belfast to Limerick
23rd: Bantry Bay
24th: Aran Islands/Galway Bay
25th: Connemara
26th: Clew Bay
27th: Clare Island & Donegal Bay
28th: Mulroy Bay & Lough Swilly
29th& 30th: Dublin
For more information about the campaign click here.



Taking it to Norway!



 Declaration for Wild Salmon is heading for Norway!

quadra with flag

Sign the online Salmon Declaration to get email updates on how you can participate in delivering the message to Norway that Norwegian owned salmon farms must stop killing wild salmon and get out of the oceans. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for more info.

   bob signing the flagMarilyn signing flag

Bob and declaration

Bigwig Norwegian fish farm industries have been plaguing the waters of wild salmon for decades, spreading diseases and parasites to wild salmon wherever the large open-net salmon farms are located. Over 90% of salmon farms operating in B.C. are owned by Norwegian corporations Marine Harvest, Cermaq and Grieg.

In the ongoing battle to have Norway remove their dirty business from the coastal waters of B.C., Darren Blaney, (past chief of Homalko First Nation) and Chief Bob Chamberlin of Kwik'wasutinuxw Haxwa'mis First Nation, have both been to Norway to inform of the impact the fish farms are having on their wild salmon. Years later the battle continues, the opposition grows.

Bob and Darren with flag

The salmon farms are located directly in the migratory routes of wild salmon, leaving wild salmon with no alternative but to swim through a gauntlet of parasites and billions of viral particles emanating from the open-net farms.

salmon farms on migration routes

Through dedicated research by biologist Dr. Alexandra Morton and others, the connection between the decline of wild salmon and the presence of salmon farms is clear. As noted repeatedly by Morton, salmon farms break the biological laws of nature. It is not possible to farm a species in a way that breaks the laws of nature without significant repercussion, and wild salmon have suffered those repercussions for too long. The long term impact is compromising the future of wild salmon.

Past efforts have been made to approach the bigwig multinational Norwegian corporations asking them to recognize the devastating impacts their farms are having on the wild salmon populations. When Alexandra Morton and Chief Bob Chamberlin, whose Kwik'wasutinuxw territory the farms are located, went to Norway to implore the CEO's and shareholders of Marine Harvest to remove their farms from the wild salmon migration routes, the response was to coldly disregard the vast concerns presented on behalf of those in B.C. who depend on wild salmon.

Sven Aser of Marine Harvest we are not going to leave canada

Such disregard for the well-being of wild salmon is completely unacceptable. WSF is campaigning to let the Norwegian corporations know that the Indigenous Peoples who depend on wild salmon, the people of B.C. and elsewhere who value wild salmon as an irreplacable iconic species, will not idly stand by while the Norwegian salmon farming industry profits off the demise of wild salmon!

The Norwegian flag and Declaration for Wild Salmon has traveled from Vancouver to Smithers to Campbell River and beyond with people signing on along the way. It will be presented in Norway in March of 2013 prior to the North Atlantic Seafood Forum in Bergen.

    Del Blaney signing the flagsigning the flag    

This flag, Salmon are Sacred elk hide, and Declaration for Wild Salmon will all be presented in Norway in March, 2013.

elk hide in sun

mission fraser river group with flag

WSF hopes to raise funds to fly First Nations representatives from the coast and Fraser River watershed to bring their voices to be heard in Norway that wild salmon must no longer be compromised by Norwegian owned salmon farms.

buffy band salmon elk hide

Please consider donating to make that possible. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or go to the donate link on the website.

People who want fish farms out:

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june fred marilyn fish farms out

del takaiya fish farms out

brian and louise flag on river

mel signing flag

elders want fish farms out

chinese delegation wants fish farms out

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sllp want fish farms out

cheam fishermen with flag

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darren fish farms get awaybob fish farm cartoon

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