Letters to Norway

Held within a card holding the many faces of people who want wild salmon protected from Norwegian owned salmon farms, the following letters will be delivered to the King of Norway, the Norwegian Parliament, the Canadian Embassy, the Ministry of Trade and the salmon farming companies Cermaq, Marine Harvest and Grieg. The left side of the card will hold the "United Declaration for Wild Salmon".

To the King of Norway:

Letter to King Harald pt1

Letter to King Harald pt 2

To the Ambassador to the Canadian Embassy:

Letter to Canadian Ambassador


To the Norwegian Parliament:

Letter to Norwegian Parliament


To the Ministry of Trade & Industry:

Letter to Ministry of Trade


To Cermaq:

Letter to Cermaq


To Marine Harvest:

Letter to Marine Harvest


To Grieg:

Letter to Grieg


You are encouraged to be part of flooding the inboxes of those in Norway who are facilitating and expanding the operations of disease ridden Norwegian salmon farms in the waters of wild salmon!


No Compromise in the Defense of Wild Salmon - Wild Salmon First!