People Want Fish Farms Out!

Around the world fish farms are devastating wild fish stocks and the marine environment, spreading pollution, disease and parasites.

People are uniting in opposition to the Norwegian fish farming industry which is spreading like a bad virus to countries around the world.


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2 website ireland castle flag

Kerry elena flag

                                               "When you love something, stand up for it!"

1 wbsite when you love something man with sign

wild salmon first paddle to vancouver

2 website alec donovan dublin

2 website dublin parliament

june fred marilyn fish farms out

Cheam fishermen want fish farms out

1 Indigenous declaration wsf photo

Cheam girl with fish and signCheam Sidney douglas with sign



















2 website norwegian signs

Brian Louise with flag fraser river

2 website cyril pierre

2 darren fish farm wsf pic

Cheam young douglas signing flagjune signig flag

Cheam Chinese delegation with flag

2 website woman with daughter elders gathering

Chilcotin wild salmon forever banner

2 website geoff with sign

2 website scotlnad flag arthur group

2 website elders gathering 3 girls  parents

2 website gunargie

Fraser River Raft Sue and Kerry with flag

2 website rueben george

del takaiya fish farms out

quadra with flag

kody wants fish farms out larry johnny with sign scroll

2 website bantry bay group flag

2 wbsite alex gried truck

2 website ireland group flag

2 website coast saish pride kevin

buffy band salmon elk hide

lillooet wants farms out

Tantoo Cardinal with fish farms get away sign

2 website harrisson fn

Skippers James  Todd with sign and flag

2 website salmon born to be wild

jack with small fry

Vancouver group with flag

Elders want fish farms out wild salmon forever

Click here to see more about the current campaign against Norwegian salmon farms.

Native couple with flag and sign grrrr

george salmon farming kills wild salmon derek just say no to farm salmon supreme court

group outside supreme court

1 norwegian embassy dublin- uniting in solidarity

chris lewis with sign

GC Stewart Phillip marilyn with elk hide and sign

Click here to see more about the campaign against the Norwegian salmon farm industry.

Del Blaney signing the flagperry signing flag

flag signed wild salmon dont do drugsEddie signs flag remove your cages

Eddie holding sign

Go Home Norway sign at quadra rally

fred speck signs You have never been welcome

fred and april flag with wind

Alex with sign

2 website fraser river

maryanne with flag hand up

sharolise signing flag Kwantlen signing flag

elly kerry flag and stop sign

kerry sharolise michelle want fish farms out

Angie wendy danielle sign flag

fred and april fish farms get away from wild salmon

Kwantlen groups with flag

mel signing flag

Mission group with flag scroll sign

Elena with flag and sign