March 1st, Oslo, Norway & Coast Salish Territory/Vancouver, B.C.


On March 1st, 2013, Wild Salmon First! will be taking to the streets of Oslo, Norway, to deliver a message on behalf of wild salmon and the many people who want the threat of Norwegian owned open-net salmon farms removed from the waters of wild salmon.

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In Vancouver B.C., hundreds of people will be gathering for the "Idle No More~March for Wild Salmon" in solidarity. (facebook event page with updates HERE.)

March for wild salmon idle no more poster


Many of the people gathering on Coast Salish Territories in B.C. are the faces and names that have signed the hand-made flag with the "Declaration for Wild Salmon" over the past 6 months. They are the many people who want the threat of Norwegian owned salmon farms to leave the Pacific waters of wild salmon.

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The message is simple; “Stop Norwegian salmon farms from killing Wild Salmon”. 

quadra with flag 

It is a message that has been traveling along the Fraser River and west coast of B.C., where one of the worlds largest salmon runs has been steadily declining since the placement of the Norwegian-owned salmon farms on the migratory paths of the Fraser River salmon and other wild fish.

migratory path of wild salmon and salmon farms

Since July 2012, the "Declaration for Wild Salmon", written on a Norwegian flag, has journeyed through B.C., (where 92% of salmon farms are Norwegian owned) Scotland, and Ireland (where 70% of salmon farms are Norwegian owned and looking to increase).

bob with declaration on flag

Through the month of November, 2012, Wild Salmon First! and GAAIA journeyed around Scotland, where the Scottish government is looking to increase production of farmed salmon to supply the demands of China. The voices of people who are pointing out the high risk impacts such an increase will have fall upon deaf ears in the political realm, as the false promise of multiple jobs and money have caused many to turn a blind eye to the damage that will be done.

In Ireland, a proposal for a 15,000 ton "organic" open-net salmon farm in Galway Bay has been met with great opposition, with people uniting across Ireland to not let such an attrocity destroy the remaining wild salmon and marine waters. On March 2nd people in Ireland are gathering in protest of open-net salmon farms Galway Bay.

Galway Bay rally poster

On March 1st the "Declaration for Wild Salmon" will reach Norway, along with the many names of those who want to see the threat of open-net salmon farms removed and have wild salmon survive into the future.

collage of people who want fish farms out


(Click HERE to see photos of people who want wild salmon protected.)

Agenda for March 1st

The "March for Wild Salmon" in Oslo will begin at the Canadian Embassy to remind Canada of the grave error it made when the door opened to salmon farming.

It will then migrate on foot to the Royal Palace where the declaration for wild salmon will be delivered to the King of Norway and a reminder given to the King that this shame of destroying wild salmon falls upon Norway. 

Oslo royal palace

The march will continue to the Storting (Norwegian Parliament) to deliver the declaration to MPs that were part of a Norwegian Delegation that came to B.C. one year ago, including President of Parliament, Dag Terje Anderson. 

Norway parliament


When the Norwegian Delegation came to B.C. in March of 2012 they were intercepted by wild salmon advocates and told about the impacts salmon farms were having on the Fraser River. The members of parliament had no knowledge of the Fraser River, the 2009 collapse of the Fraser River Sockeye or the fact that those salmon that never returned all swam by the Norwegian salmon farms. For an industry to operate in a foreign country with no knowledge of how it will impact the surrounding environment is a disgrace upon everyone who turns a blind eye.

Upon visiting Stortinget the MPs will receive information about how Norwegian salmon farms are impacting wild salmon in B.C. and that it can no longer be  ignored. There can be no hiding from the responsibilty all political figures must bear for the impact the salmon farming industry is having on wild salmon.

The final stop will be to salmon farming company Cermaq, which operates in B.C. under the name Mainstream Canada.



Standing up for wild salmon has never been more crucial, as the future of wild salmon continues to be compromised to death by industrial practices that use wild salmon habitat for a toxic dumping ground.

The salmon farming industry is a threat that has planted itself in the migratory paths of wild salmon around the world, taking no responsibility for the deadly outbreaks of parasites and disease that pass through the open-nets of the salmon farms to wild salmon as they swim by. 

In 1990, Jon Lilletun of the Norwegian Parliamentary Committee on Environment told Canada,We are very strict about the quality and the environment questions.  Therefore, some of the fish farmers went to Canada.  They said we want bigger fish farms; we can do as we like.  That is a very hot subject, I think” (Hansard 12-9-1990)

They wanted bigger fish farms, they wanted more profits and they went after what they wanted at the expense of wild salmon and the marine environment.

In spite of every claim by the salmon farming industry that "best husbandry practices" are used, the problems that come with salmon farming have not gotten better. Sea lice have become resistant to treatments and disease outbreaks continue to be a problem. European viruses that are directly related to salmon farms have been found in wild salmon stocks.

Salmon farms in B.C. are 92% owned by the Norwegian companies Marine Harvest, Cermaq, and Grieg. With numerous wild species dependant on the return of wild salmon each year, Indigenous communities that consider wild salmon to be the life blood of their people, and an ecosystem that would die without wild salmon, this industry is a death blow to all of that. It does not belong anywhere near wild salmon.


Uniting in Opposition

The Norwegian salmon farming industry has a goal of being the world's #1 seafood provider. In trying to achieve that goal the industry is spreading to every country that has a government willing to let the marine environment and wild fish be compromised in order to do business. Scotland, Ireland and Canada have already experienced where those business deals are doing to wild salmon stocks and concerned citizens are speaking out to say "No more!"

People from around the world are uniting to protect wild salmon, marine species, the environment and all it's inhabitants, with a firm message to Norway and the government; there is no acceptable place for the Norwegian owned salmon farming industry to make it's profit while wild salmon, the ecosystem, and communities suffer the negative impacts.

As the young wild salmon are preparing to leave the freshwaters to swim the gauntlet of salmon farms this spring, we encourage citizens around the world to stand up and "March for Wild Salmon" wherever they are. Let the governments and industries know that we will not stand idly by while wild salmon are being compromised to death.


Dublin Norwegian parliament with flag Don Elena

Fraser River group Mission with flag 


Donations are greatly appreciated to help continue the fight to protect wild salmon.

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irish salmon 2

Fin Tan, the "Irish Salmon of Knowledge"

Around the world wild salmon are being compromised to death by Norwegian owned salmon farms which are spreading like a plague. Don't let the salmon farming industry get away with it!







Standing on Guard for Wild Salmon!


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Wild salmon must no longer be compromised by greed portrayed as need.

With so many species depending on wild salmon to survive, ongoing efforts have been made by conservationists and salmon advocates to protect wild salmon and their habitat from the following threats:

  • Salmon Farms
  • Logging
  • Dams
  • Oil tankers & pipelines
  • Mining
  • Gravel extraction
  • Industrial development 
  • Habitat destruction       
  • Toxic effluence
Wild Salmon First! seeks to make the survival of wild salmon a priority above all of these threats. It supports, endorses, and engages in all efforts to protect wild salmon.
It demands that before any industrial activity proceeds that it first be proven there will be zero impact to wild salmon habitat.
It demands that the precautionary principle be applied in such a way that possible threats not be introduced to begin with.
It demands that wild salmon no longer be compromised by a government that has left wild salmon vulnerable to industrial greed and an insatiable and unsustainable economy.
It will work with the same spirit of the wild salmon that make the most arduous journey through the veins of the world to continue the cycle of life.


bear roaring


Let there be justice for wild salmon. 

Join the efforts to protect wild salmon for all who depend on them.

Sign the Wild Salmon Declaration and get involved!