Standing on Guard for Wild Salmon!


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Wild salmon must no longer be compromised by greed portrayed as need.

With so many species depending on wild salmon to survive, ongoing efforts have been made by conservationists and salmon advocates to protect wild salmon and their habitat from the following threats:

  • Salmon Farms
  • Logging
  • Dams
  • Oil tankers & pipelines
  • Mining
  • Gravel extraction
  • Industrial development 
  • Habitat destruction       
  • Toxic effluence
Wild Salmon First! seeks to make the survival of wild salmon a priority above all of these threats. It supports, endorses, and engages in all efforts to protect wild salmon.
It demands that before any industrial activity proceeds that it first be proven there will be zero impact to wild salmon habitat.
It demands that the precautionary principle be applied in such a way that possible threats not be introduced to begin with.
It demands that wild salmon no longer be compromised by a government that has left wild salmon vulnerable to industrial greed and an insatiable and unsustainable economy.
It will work with the same spirit of the wild salmon that make the most arduous journey through the veins of the world to continue the cycle of life.


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Let there be justice for wild salmon. 

Join the efforts to protect wild salmon for all who depend on them.

Sign the Wild Salmon Declaration and get involved!